any moms with young teen sons diagnosed with Fibromyalgia????

Stacey - posted on 09/14/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 12yr old son will be diagnosed very soon. I was diagnosed 4yrs ago. I am desperate to learn more on how this will affect him in the years to come - while I know nothing is definite. How do other moms deal with there child being in such pain, with no cure, only possible breaks from it. Meds? I am not a fan. From experience, but he is young. He was also diagnosed with tourettes, about 3 yrs ago, which used to come and go, but now lasts longer. PANDAS was on my radar 4yrs ago - but his CHOP neuro did not believe in it. Hoping CHOP rheumos are more knowlegeable about Fibro, than PANDAS. My son and I became complete train wrecks 4 years ago, when we got hit by a unidentified virus - we have never been the same since. His dream is to become a professional soccer player. My son has incredible talent in all sports and has been sought after for them already. It kills me to think his dreams and natural talents will be taken by this hell called FM. :(

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