Any Mums have experience with C difficile? My 18mth daughter was diagnosed 2 days ago.

Katherin - posted on 12/03/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 18 1/2months old Daughter was diagnosed with C difficile a few days ago. She had diaharria but now fever or lack of appetite. She is still very active and acting normal, even now. But this morning she felt hot to us and after taking her temp. found it to be 38.5. I am afraid I am at a loss at this point. We have been taking her to the doctors pretty much every week for the last month due to "something" (constant coughing - now she is on Ventallin, also her ears are red and have water in them - she is seeing an ear specialist now, and finally the c-difficle). So naturally I am very concerned that all of this is happening at one time and wondering if one has to do with the other. My family doctor(s) both have not said that it seems serious but I also do not want something diagnosed too late. Do any of you out there have any experince with c-difficile and if so - what other concerning signs should i be looking for? Thx


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My experience with C. Difficile comes from myself, I've had it three times since January. I'm glad to hear your daughter is acting well as I was quite ill, so it probably means you caught the infection pretty early.

As for connections, C. Difficile is usually acquired in a hospital setting or through taking antibiotics that kill off all the good bacteria in the colon and allow c. difficile to grow unchecked. I'm assuming they gave her flagyl for treatment? When I took it, my symptoms cleared up in about 3 days. Also, my doctor recommended probiotics (in pill form or through yogurt) to help and repopulate my colon with good bacteria faster.

As for what to watch out for, if you haven't seen it yet, you may see blood in her stool. If she's already started treatment, though, then hopefully that won't happen. Also, c. difficile has a high recurrence rate, so if she gets diarrhea again soon, it's something you should consider.

My son is also always sick with something and we're at the doctor almost every week. It's frustrating, and I always think I'm doing something wrong. I just hope it means we're getting all the illness out of the way now and he'll healthier later.

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