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Any one not go with the flow?

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My Dr Is talking about inducing me and i am not happy with the reasons as this is my 3rd pregnancy and i feel i know my body better. I was just wondering if any other mothers out there disagreed with their Dr wanting to induce therefore didnt get induced and went naturally and what the out come was?


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Gabrielle - This is my 3rd pregnancy and my 1st 2 children have come spontaneously.

I'm in Australia, But in a Rural area where i don't have the best choices.

My 1st child was delivered by midwives and even when my daughters heart stopped during contractions and the Dr wanted to start talking about a C- section they told him NO as her heart rate was coming back fast enough and back to good strong rythm. Born at the hospital that is only 30 mins away.

My 2nd was born at home, (even though i was supposed to be induced 5 days later at the hospital that is over and hour and a half way), 3 weeks early in 1 hour. 1st Pain to last pain was just under the hour. And yes i had gestational diabetes with him to and he was a healthy 6 pound 12ounces. So even if i had gone full term i doubt he would have been huge!

I will be refusing the induction, Unless of course things change.

Thank you for your story its good to hear from other women who said NO!

Gabrielle - posted on 04/25/2010




It is incredible reading all your posts.
I am a mother of 4, my first spontaneous labor no meds. The other 3 were induced 14 days, 12 days and 12 days past due dates but all without pain meds.
As many of you have stated, if their are medical reasons to induce by all means this needs to be carefully considered.
But from the reasons you gave above, I would refuse.
Are you in the US?
In Australia, the vast majority of babies are delivered by midwives. Midwives are trained in normal & abnormal births. They are educated in a wide variety of different pregnancies & labors.
Drs on the other hand generally are only ever involved in ab normal births (births that result in ceasars, meds, induction, and just basically intervention).
This is their job, to control situations. And as labors is unique to every woman & progresses differently, it is hard for Drs to sit back & let nature take its course.
I strongly recommend you check out Rikki Lakes video on birthing. It is great.
In my experience, being induced post date, my first induction was intense, so for the next ones i was bossy.
Requested the picto was not increased as soon as in the previous labor. My births were all attended by midwives & they were great & didnt pressure me.
As a result, both of these inductions were great, smooth & resulted in 'tidy' births, no pain meds or assistance in delivering.
My kids (the 3 induced) were 9lb 3oz, 9lb 13oz and 9lb 5oz.
Im fine!
No tearing, maybe 6 stitches all up and only for minor side wall tears nothing serious.
If you can get hold of a midwife to be involved do.
They have a very different approach to birthing. Find one who you feel 'gets' you and your ideals about your birth.
Good luck, stick to your guns & if you at any point feel like you should change your mind, either way, DO!
Dont be intimidated by anyone. Your body, your baby, your right to choose.
All the best.

Emily - posted on 04/25/2010




If I was in your shoes, I would be refusing an induction. They did the same thing with me with my first pregnancy.. really bullied me into it. And being my first baby I didn't know any better.. they had me believing I had this GINORMOUS monster of a baby inside me. Well, I was induced 3 days before my due date and he was a *whopping* 7lb 14oz. Not exactly what I'd call ginormous. I was pretty mad I didn't get to go into labor naturally.

[deleted account]

They are suggesting a induction this early due to 2 reasons. 1) I have gestational diabetes, but at the U/S i had last week said the baby was fine not overly big or anything 2) My last labour was only 1 hour and we live 30 mins from the closest hospital that delivers. But i am not allowed to deliver in that hospital due to the GDM and my weight.

I feel that those are just not good enough reasons to not let me go until the baby is ready! I see this Dr on wednesday and i will be refusing any sort of induction and letting him know why to, which is i really don't want any drugs of any sort and i don't want my waters broken due to the time frame you have once that is done.

I am still not completley closed to the idea of an induction but only if it becomes medically necessary, as in high blood pressure, go way past my due date, the baby stops growing in utero. But atm everything is looking beautiful and healthy!

Becky - posted on 04/23/2010




Wow, they're already suggesting induction at 28 weeks? That is ridiculous!
If you are not comfortable with the idea of induction, I would totally say to refuse it. For one, their estimations of baby's size can be waaaay off. And for 2, even if it is a big baby, why does that have to mean you can't push it out? Women have been pushing out babies for thousands of years - before all these interventions were available, and I'm sure they weren't all 6 lb. babies! Our bodies are made for this. Yes, sometimes induction is medically necessary - it was for me with my first because my blood pressure kept going up and it turned out my son wasn't growing in-utero anymore either. But IMHO, the whole inducing or scheduling a c-section because of the size of the baby thing is way overdone. Interventions tend to snowball, so if there is no medical risk to yourself or the baby, I'm all about avoiding them as much as possible.

[deleted account]

Thank you! I am not medically at risk if i refuse to be induced they only want to do it as they think i will be having a big baby but they thought the same with my son and he was 6 pound 12 so i think i will follow my gut instincts. I am only 28 weeks now and frustrated that they are even considering it now with how long i still have to go!

Jodi - posted on 04/19/2010




I wish I hadn't have gone with the flow..
My doc. decided to induce me 10 days early, and at the time I was so excited because I was so uncomfortable but now I really wish I would have contested it.
My dr. decided to induce because I was 80% effaced, 2cm dialated, slightly elevated blood pressure and protein in my urine. The main reason she wanted to was because I was anemic and she wanted blood on hand because she really thought I was going to hemorrage.
I went in on a wed. for my weekly checkup, and she scheduled me for induction on that Friday because she was scheduled at the hospital. In between, I did everything I could think of to go on my own. Running, sex, spicy food, you name it I tried it.
I really wanted to go epidural free, but the pitocin made that impossible because my contractions were on top of each other in a matter of an hour. I had a perfectly normal, 5 hour, hemmorage free labor and delivery.
Anyway, I wanted to experience everything "normally".. water breaking, the surprise of it all, and I really think given a couple more days, I would have went into labor on my own.

Moral to my story, if you don't want to be induced, and you and baby are not at risk, say something!!! I wish I would have!

Fallon - posted on 04/19/2010




hey.. i was told told i should be induced with my son several times and refused i made it to the day before due date and he was fine, no problems, 1 hr labour... my sister in law was 14 days over her due date and had to be induce and it took 2 days of trying to induce her and nothing happend so she refused more meds and 2 days later gave birth to a big boy healthy and happy.... if they want to induce you for medical reasons that could harm you or the baby then its best to get induced or if you are over 2 weeks due but if this isnt the case then go with what you think as only you know your body =)... hope it helps and good luck

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