Any one on intuniv?


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Jennifer - posted on 10/29/2012




My son has been on Intuniv XR for neary 2 years. He is 7 years old currently. At first, it was a dream come true! He went from being difficult to manage and depressed b/c he could not behave (kicked out of daycare) to being so sweet and happy....the boy I always knew he was inside. We did have to increase the dosage twice and add a low dose of focalin xr as he grew. We recenty cut back the intuniv from 3mg to 2 mg....1 mg at night and 1 mg in the am with focalin as he was having nightmares. Since we cut back, he is more "alive" but more difficulty in his attention at school and home. He still manages ok at school and is doing well academically. I am wondering if we should change the meds but will wait until we have problems. I count myself lucky that he is doing well and not crying anymore....thanks to the meds. Poor child would cry everyday after school because he wanted to be good but "my brain just doesn't work that way" (he told me that at age 5).

Katherine - posted on 01/08/2012




No, but I've heard about side effects in children that were not pleasant.

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