any other 20 something moms "in the mood" ALL THE TIME?! normal or no?

Rubylee - posted on 10/15/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've always had a very high sex drive, but all through my pregnancy and even still my sex drive has been off the charts!!!!! They said it's normal DURING pregnancy and about two or three months after, but my daughter is almost 10 months old and I'm feeling out of control! My fiance doesn't mind of course but he works all day and just like almost every man out there, after we do anything he's out like a light lol! I mean I get satisfaction, that's not the problem... It's 10 minutes after we just got done I look over at him and I want it again, and again, and well you get the idea. See, with him its different though, he's not my "normal" type and ever since I met him all it took was just watching him, be it him talking with his friends, playing his guitar, or whatever and I'm rearing and ready to go! I've asked some people about it and they say it's just my attraction to him and that it'd wear off.... Well five years later and guess what, its gotten worse! Some have said it's hormones but my obgyn says its not. I just wonder if anyone else has this issue because quite frankly I feel like some kind of sex pervert lately lol! He's a phenomenal lover, very kinky and dominant... He has a loooong goatee (which I never liked on men before) and shoulder length black hair, tattoos all over and is unlike anyone I've ever met on the inside as well, an all over beautiful person! But I worry about making him feel like he can't keep up or bugging him for sex constantly. I just wonder because I've always been extremely attracted to him but its only been since we had our daughter that I want him literally ALL THE TIME! I'd just like to know if this has happened with anyone else and why or if it's happened to others and they too don't know why.... Any advice is appreciated and please don't be negative, this is quite serious and a very sensitive subject for me. Thanks everyone!


Sanna - posted on 10/15/2015




Your Fiancé is one lucky man! It sounds like everything is going great for you. I am 37 so I can't really give you a comparison on how I feel. I just wanted to say, as long as you don't feel like other responsibilities in your life (baby girl, school/work, family, sleep) have taken a huge shift from what it was before, then you are totally fine. Besides, sex is an amazing and great way to get a workout. Don't read too much into it and I hope you have a beautiful wedding. Sounds like you might have the perfect little Flower Girl. ;)

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