Any other ladies have problems with 2nd pregnancy??

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Well... I am 4 months pregnant with my 2nd little bundle of joy! :) It seems like EVERYTHING is SOOO different with this one then with my first. With my daugher, i was never sick, always happy, my boyfriend got morning sickness (better him then me! LOL) and i was never in any pain... But with this one..... ITS HORRIBLE!!! :( I am always sick, always got some kind of pain, stay dizzy and icky feeling, my boyfriend shows NO symptoms what so ever and i feel like a big fat whale... :( I would really like to hear other ladies stories to make me feel a little better about how im feeling! Was anyone elses 2nd pregnancy COMPLETELY different then their first???


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this one has been more intense and everything has started sooner. the sickness and loss of appetite is worse, not sleeping already, and today, at 12 weeks and 2 days i had high blood pressure. i had it checked at 8 weeks and it was normal then. im down 50 lbs from 2 yrs ago and have not gained any weight since my last visit a month ago, but the Dr. (not "my" Dr.) said i must have had high bp all along. i said i didnt not last year at my yearly visit and i didnt just a month ago! im so worried about it, becuase i have a job and my toddler that i take care of all day long, so i cant afford this high bp sooo early. i got it with my daughter, but it was later on. more aches and pains and showing earlier this time around as well

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Maybe it's a boy...

I think you were just incredibly lucky the first time around. :P But I have found that my second pregnancy is a bit harder than my first, too. I'm more tired and feel icky even though last time in the 2nd trimester I was energetic and felt like I was bursting with health. I didn't feel like this until a few weeks before I was due, and now I'm tired and grumpy and really big and only 6 months along. :( I think running after a toddler all the time has a lot to do with it, also everybody gets bigger faster with their second pregnancy.


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Im glad im not the only one who feels like poopy all the time with my second... Today is the first day since iv been pregnant that i didnt have morning sickness... I woke up in a great mood with no sickness at all! But i usually wake up and it takes me a couple hours to get motivated enough to just take a shower and get ready to go somewhere if i need to go... It sucks! :( I have a DEEEEEP feeling this go around that im having a boy... And i showed earlier also... Everything was earlier! I havent felt a kick or jab yet, but the flutters almost seem to get stronger and stronger every day!

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With my son I didn't pop til I was 7 months along. with my daughter i was showing at 4 months.

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Yep. I swore I was having a boy! I never got sick, my cravings were completely different, I FELT different. But I ended up with another girl. Even her heartbeat was slower that my first ones.

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