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Any other moms have small babies who then turned CHUBBY!
Our 1st was born at 37 weeks at 6lbs and 19 3/8" long, Dropped to 5lbs 4oz after birth, At 1 month he was 9lbs 13oz, At 2 months 11lbs, At 4 months 19lbs, At 6 months 22lbs, At 9 months 26lbs At 12 months 30lbs, At 2 years 35lbs, At 3 years 40lbs, At 4 year 42lbs, At 5 years 48.5lbs and At 6 years old he is now 45lbs
Our 2nd was born at 36 weeks at 3lbs 8oz and 16in long, With Gastroschisis { insides outside belly through a hole} She spent 6 week in the NICU, where she dropped down to 2lbs, At 2 months 6lbs, At 4 months 8lbs 2oz, At 6 months 14lbs, At 9 months 17lbs, At 12 months 20lbs, At 2 years 25lbs, At 3 years 32lbs, At 4 years 38lbs..
Our 3rd was born at 38 weeks at 5lbs 13.5oz and 18 1/2" long, Dropped to 5lbs 5oz, At 1 month 8lbs 5oz, At 2 months 11lbs, At 3 months 15lbs 2oz, At 4 months 18lbs 13oz, At 6 months 20lbs 2oz, At 8 months 22lbs 12.4oz, At 12 months 26lbs 12oz, This is all with a Dairy and Soy Allergy.
Now all that being said, I am 5'3, 135, hubby is 5'11 and 245... I am just trying to figure out and find out if it is just a odd thing that we have went through or if other parents have had this as well...
If you DON'T MIND Sharing I would love to hear from other moms..
NO I DIDN'T OVER FEED MY KIDS, I LISTENED TO THEIR DOCTORS, FOLLOWED THEIR ADVICE ABOUT SOLIDS, HOW MUCH THEY SHOULD BE DRINKING ECT.. How ever our 2 older kids have every bad reflux so their doctor and our Daughters surgery team advised us that we could put 2tsp or 2 tbsp. rice cereal in 8oz bottles... Never had to use that with our 3rd...
Just looking for parents to share... No you don't have to give all the months and weights I was just showing how my kids grew and at what rate...
I know most babies go through this and will grow out of it.. However I hear all the time HOW BIG my kids are/were as babies... I don't let is bother me I just thought I would see if any other mom had little babies that then got chubby... I mean when your kids start out at 6lbs, 3lbs 8oz and 5lbs 13.5oz and end up being 25lbs to 30lbs at a year old... LOL.. I know when I was on WIC with my older 2 {which haven't been on it since middle 1 was a year} they would make comments about it, telling us that our kids were to big and that we should put them on a diet { how in the heck do you put a baby on a diet} and tell me but their doctors/surgery team have never said anything about it, They always told us they were happy, healthy and doing very well... Our oldest and youngest hit every milestone early both were walking by the time they were 12 months.. Our daughter was a little behind, with her being a month early and having major surgery, her milestones were about 2 to 3 months behind but she was still with in the guide lines or what everyone else thinks is "normal"...
Thank you for taking time to read this, Sorry it is so long....
Best Wishes and Take Care...
Thank you again...


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Jodi - posted on 03/02/2014




Although every baby is different, it's quite normal for babies to go through periods when they are really chubby. They do eventually grow into it.

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