Any other moms have a baby who won't eat solids?

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My son will be 1 tomorrow and hates tastes and textures due to an immature nervous system. He is still EBF and is seeing an occupational therapist once a week. It's draining because I work full time and have to pump milk for him. Any other moms experience something similar? Any advise, suggestions, etc.?


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I have been giving him a drop of Vitamin D every night, which is what the doc suggested. I have tried making my own purees, store bought purees and little snack foods. He freaks out because of the texture and refuses to eat. I have even tried tiny bites of what I'm eating but he just closes his mouth and turns his head. I will def. check out the kellymom forum! Thanks!

Lise - posted on 06/14/2011




How is his vitamin D intake? Check out the kellymom forum - lots of mommies there discuss this! One or two moms increased their vit D and saw an increase in solid intake.

have you tried real food and purees?

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