Any other Non Custodial BMs ever have trouble to get their children to listen?

Britt - posted on 06/23/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im really saddened by my oldest DS9 behavior. Back talking , calling me cuss words, and by first name just really strikes me as Im not a good parent. I dont do corperate punishment- Im not a firm believer in spanking. However, taking away video games causes DS in a RAGE of anger, where he , himself has hit his siblings and myself. I want him to understand you dont hit girls - let alone anybody. I feel as if all of BD and his family especially his wife is totally brainwashing (since he is the oldest) into hating myself, and he just knows too much for his age. How can my DS9 bring up stories from when he was a infant? Just crazy stories that just get to me like how could BD tell them I dont love them- I didn't "want them," and SM is telling the children to lie to the school about the marks and bruises on them as well as to DCFS

Its my summer Parenting Time, we do fun things together, go fun places together and I know he loves spending quality time with me and my DH. Problem is his violent outbreaks I know are coming from his BD's house- kicking in walls doors, (DS tells stories of BD breaking toys, dishes, kicking in doors) Im trying to save him from this environment he is in. I do now have legal help and going to court here soon. BD strongly disagree's as well as SM that my DS doesn't need couseling and "I have the problem!" Im very worried and concerned especially the most recent story that DS told school officials and other people of professional of what BD has done striking him in the body leaving a DS a facial contusion.....BD is upset because I got my DS MEDICAL attn for his contusion and witholding me parenting time.

Feeling hopeless and helpless and I miss my two children dearly!


Bri - posted on 06/23/2011




Those poor two children dont need to be in his care fight for custody and bring them back to normalization! Therapy might be good aspect too! GL

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