Any other SAHM's struggling with depression?

Krista - posted on 01/05/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been a SAHM for about four months now, and I am going crazy. At first, I loved it. I planned activities and projects for us to do together and really enjoyed it. Now, I have gotten lazy and barely play with him. I am on edge, getting very easily frustrated, and becoming a mother that I don't want to be (a yelling mother). And of course, I am feeling A LOT of guilt. Guilt for pulling him from childcare where he got to have positive interactions with peers and teachers. Guilt for not interacting with him like I should be. Guilt for yelling at him. Just all around feeling like a horrible mother. I just have no patience and no drive to play with him. I know that if I did get down and play with him, the whining that feels constant would probably be better. But I still cannot do it. To top it off, my fiance can't understand how I could get so frustrated with our child that I yell at him. So as if feeling like a horrible mother isn't enough, I get made to feel like a horrible mother too. I really just need some support/advice right now 😢

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