Any other stay at home moms struggling with the need financially and mentally to get back to work?

Molly - posted on 08/03/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm looking for PT work so I still have time for my daughter, but the daily grind going on 2.5 yrs of clean up and cooking is wearing me down and stressing us financially. It's really difficult to find pt work in my design field, and I'm not ready to suck it up and work some retail/uneducated position for very little pay, though for the mental break it would give me maybe it's worth it? I don't know!

Any of you work from home? I feel like I'm starting from scratch again and it's really difficult! I've always worked as an employee and now trying to do so on my own, my weakness in selling my creative skills is apparent...It's hard to get clients when you really don't like being in the spotlight.
That being said, ha!

Here's my graphic design site for quick reference if any of you have a personal or professional project in mind, let's have a chat!

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Michelle - posted on 08/05/2012




Molly: Please remove the last part of you post as we don't allow solicitations on the welcome page and that includes asking people to visit your personal website.

I am also a bit put out with the same comment as I'm in retail (in management) but I don't have a degree. I'm as you would say uneducated because I didn't finish school. I have worked hard for the position I have but have also been a SAHM for my 3 children.

You really have to decide if you want to work and help with the household bills or stay at home and get by. I was working part time and only got the management position 2 months ago but the pay for me more than covers daycare/after school care and I still pick the kids up from school once a week. My children are very social though and love being with their friends.

Molly - posted on 08/04/2012




Amy, you are a manager, WITH education, the position I am talking about would be working the floor for minimum wage...That's a pretty hard pill to swallow. So no need to be offended.

This obviously is not the group for such a discussion as I'm interested in connecting with other stay at home moms who run their business from home.

Amy - posted on 08/03/2012




Wow I'm a retail store manager with a degree so I kind of take offense to your comment "I'm not ready to suck it up and work some retail/uneducated position for very little pay". Most work from home businesses are schemes in which unless you are selling to your friends then you really aren't going to make a lot of money although some people can be quite successful at it. I'm not really sure how a graphic designer works but maybe put together a portfolio to showcase your skills, if you are trying to start an at home business then you are going to have to be "in the spotlight" since you will be the primary worker I'm assuming.

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