Any Secret Morning Sickness Cures?

Chelsea - posted on 07/30/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

I just found out that my boyfriend and I are expecting our first child! I'm about 6 weeks along, and it's safe to say that morning sickness has taken over.

I've been trying to eat small meals regularly, but nothing is really staying down. I've tried ginger ale and crackers, as well as bland foods.

I've read about "Preggie Pops", and I'm wondering if they really work. Does anybody have any personal experience with them? Where can you get them?

Thanks for the support!

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Sea Bands. They're these sweatband looking things with little plastic nubs that go on a preassure point on the inside of your wrist. They are for sea sickness (or any motion sickness) but they worked great for my morning sickness as well :) You can find them at pretty much any store with health and wellness stuff, but my MIL got me mine at Rite-Aid.

Also, congrats on the baby! :)

Kim - posted on 07/30/2012




Hey, I never really found anything that helps... but I do know this... it will eventually calm down, so if you don't find anything that is too big of a help you'll def. be feeling better not too long from now! If you figure anything out, let me know. I have baby #2 on the way and it's worse this time around! It sucks feeling crappy, hope you feel better! =) Congrats on the baby!

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