Any sugestión for a gift for a 7 year birthday gift for girl?

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Miroslava - posted on 11/16/2013




Yes someone us and i dont really not her, but thanks anyways i already find something really nice, a Spa kit for her and friends!

Jodi - posted on 11/16/2013




It depends on her interests. At that age, my daughter's favourite thing in the world was Lego, so you never can tell. A new bike? A trampoline? A cubby house? It is such an open-ended question. But I will say, 7 year olds are not THAT hard to buy for, and you know her best, so I am not understanding why you have no idea what to get. if she was 17 I'd understand but Is this your own child? Or someone else's? What is the budget?

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