Any suggestions as to how I can get my son's deadbeat dad to agree for me to change his last name?

Sabrina - posted on 01/26/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I want to change my son's last name because his father is a deadbeat and has contributed nothing to his 11 years of living. I know he will not consent, is there ways to convince him too?


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Angel - posted on 06/16/2011




I'd like to do the same my daughter's deadbeat dad doesn't help me in any way with her no child support won't even get her $2 carton of milk if she needs it& he lives in same town as us! I need info on how get this done because I want take her to US & not need his permission to do so

Michelle - posted on 01/26/2011




I did the same as Jenny except my sons father is in his life my son decided at the age of 3 he wanted to have the same last name as mommy and his grandma and papa since he was the only one who was different, so I hyphenated which we did use both names for awhile I register him in everything with both names but he has dropped his bio dads name on his own and only uses mine this does not make his dad happy but I believe it is his right to chose who he is. We will legally change his name when he comes of age if that is what he wants.

Kathleen - posted on 01/26/2011




yes there is. I just went through this with my son's deadbeat dad!! And he has not seen our son in over a year!! You can apply and then write a letter to go with it stating why you do not have the sperm donors permission!!
Good luck!

Jenny - posted on 01/26/2011




I tried to have my kids last name changed and their deadbeat dad said No, so the judge wouldn't let me. (In Colorado) I just hyphenated their last names hislastname-mylastname and drop the "his" part when talking to people and such. Its not a legal change and you still have to use his last name to register for school and stuff like that, but when they get older, they can change it to your last name.
Thats the only solution I have come up with that was close to what I wanted.
Good Luck to you! I hope you get to change his last name!

Sammie - posted on 01/26/2011




If you consult with a lawyer I'm pretty sure you can get the name changed without his consent. I know my mum had my brother and sister's last name changed without their father's consent. We are in Western Australia.

Kathy - posted on 01/26/2011




You can appeal to the court and try without his consent. Worse the judge will say is no.

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