Any suggestions for baby carriers good for heavy babies?

Julie - posted on 02/15/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




I am due to have my 2nd boy in May and want a good carrier that is not going to kill may back. I had one for my first boy who was born 8 pounds 11 oz and the midwife thinks this one will be somewhere in the 9 or 10 pounds! I couldnt carry my first in the carrier beyond about 3 months because it hurt my back too much. Anyone used a good carrier with a heavy baby they could suggest?


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I should also mention, whatever you do, don't get any carrier where your baby hangs from his crotch (eg: Baby Bjorn, Snugli, etc). It's bad for spinal development and can cause hip dysplasia.

Stella - posted on 02/15/2010




I also highly recommend the ergo. My son is 18 mos, and just under 31lbs, and I am still able to comfortably wear him in the ergo. The strap padding and support is great, and really easy on your back.

Jaclyn - posted on 02/15/2010




I love our Ergo Baby carrier, I have a bad back and when my first son outgrew his suggli carrier, I got the Ergo and it will hold weight until they reach over 30 lbs. There are infant head supports to add to the standard one and it can be used 3 different ways. I'm expecting our second son in a few weeks and I dislocated my shoulder over the weekend, so I started to look for something more supportive just in case I needed something better then the Ergo Baby. I found the K'Tan baby carrier and that is just like a Moby wrap, but better, it's not as complicated and it's even more versital.

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any type of mai tai or moby wraps are great they disperse the weight of ur baby much better and can be used up to 35lbs, i made my own mai tai and really liked it. they both seem awkward to wrap, but with little experience it gets much easier, easier than the snugglie for sure, and easier to carry with u. check this out... look at 'make baby wrap' you really dont need any sewing experience to make this and its waaay cheaper than buying a moby wrap ($50-80!) especially if u find a bargain bin at ur fabric store. just make sure u mark the center of ur fabric so its easier to find the middle when u wrap, oh, and there are plenty of sites tom give u ideas on different ways to wrap also- front, back, side, tandum etc

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Emily - posted on 03/14/2010




Please note, the above warning was intended to be about BAG SLINGS.. you know those horrible Infantino ones. This does not mean ALL slings are harmful!!! There is so much misinformation about this. Please read the instructions of your slings carefully and do not use slings that cover your baby's face or restrict their airway.. this may seem like common sense, but obviously Infantino does not heed common sense.

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Renae, you should read this article...

Here's a quote from it...

"A baby's spine is placed in a compromising position in many of today's popular carriers. If the carrier positions the infant upright, with the legs hanging down and the bodyweight supported at the base of the baby's spine (i.e. at the crotch), it puts undue stress on the spine which can adversely affect the development of the spinal curves and, in some cases, cause spondylolisthesis."

My chiropractor hates to see moms using Baby Bjorns or similar carriers. He does approve of the ERGObaby carrier though.

Miranda - posted on 02/16/2010



7 is good for all different sized children. Just search Moby Sling online!!! You can also make it yourself!!!!

Renae - posted on 02/16/2010




Baby bjorn active carrier (the "active" ones have lumbar support to reduce strain on your upper back). There is an original version and one called the "air" carrier which is made from breathable fabric, I got the air one because I live in Australia and my baby was born in summer. Baby bjorn have done lots of research into spinal position of infants and their carriers are designed to hold baby's spine and hips in the correct position. Check with a paediatrician if you are unsure, most docs are familiar with the research.

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We had a few kinds of typical carriers and I hated them all. We got a mamas milk sling and I loved it! They even have a flap for sleeping baby, breastfeeding, and some are made of solarveil (SPF cloth). They could even go in the water, so I wore her in the pool. They NEVER hurt your back, even when the baby is 2 years old! And it's simple to use without help.

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I would suggest the Moby Wrap. My daughter was 8.7lbs and the Moby Wrap was/is wonderful! It distributes the weight plus it goes on both shoulders. I still carry her in it occasionally and she is close to 20lbs now. Moby can support a baby up to 35lbs and in all different postion carries. Hope this helps.

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My baby was 10 pds 3 oz and I used baby bjorn sygerny, because it has back support and I used it till he was 10 months old. It worked great! and my baby in a month was 15 pds. Trust me he was big!!! Just like his dad Big and Tall!!! LOL hope this helps

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I highly recommend this carrier...

It's similar to the Beco that was mentioned previously. The Babyhawk is another similar carrier. I can still comfortably carry my 23lb son on my front in the ERGO for extended periods of time. When he gets too heavy for my front he can go on my back.

Emily - posted on 02/15/2010




My son was 9 lbs 11 oz at birth and is now 5 months and 20 lbs. I still carry him in the regular Infantino front carrier for short periods, but my moby wrap is much more comfortable (for both of us) if I'm going to have him in it for longer than a half hour or so. It distributes his weight much better and more evenly, and I am rarely sore after carrying him in it. Plus you can use it in different positions as he grows, so that's nice, too.

Rhea - posted on 02/15/2010




Absolutely! The Beco baby carrier! Worked great for all Five of my Children and I had one girl that was born 9lb 7oz. We used it until our kids were three. Also, if worn correctly, you should feel no pain in your neck or back because the weight is designed to rest on your hips.

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