Any suggestions of names for a boy and girl set of twins?


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So what is wrong with finding a boy name you like and then finding a girl name you like and using those. I am not trying to be rude or amusing in any way. I just don't see why being twins should make it any different than naming any other baby.
If I were you, I would either buy a baby name book or go searching baby name lists on the 'net. Make a list of your favourite names and then narrow it down from there.
That is my suggestion, good luck.


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Angela - posted on 09/16/2012




Please don't EVER give them names similar to each other or names that suggest that each child is one of a pair! They're individuals, first and foremost! There must have been some point before you knew you were expecting twins, when you were in the early stages of pregnancy and you picked names for a girl and names for a boy? Just use those names!

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