Any suggestions on colic?


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Elfrieda - posted on 09/07/2011




:( I am so sorry.

1) This will pass. Your baby will not always be so hard!

2) Putting it in a sling next to your body and walking sometimes helps.

3) Make sure there aren't any lingering burps that need to come out.

4) Holding the baby and bouncing on an exercise ball sometimes helps.

5) Raspberry natural gripe water sometimes helps

6) Baby massage sometimes helps.

7) My son liked to be put on a pillow, then for me to pick up the pillow so he was a little bit squished on both sides, and then wave the pillow up and down. Kills your arms, but so worth it to get a few minutes of quiet. (my husband discovered this one)

8) Swaddling sometimes helps.

9) Use earplugs. It doesn't make you a bad mom, it just makes you a more patient one.

Vegemite - posted on 09/07/2011




hi my first had colic horribly. So we started him on formula called karicare HA-AR specially designed for reflux babies. I really wanted to breast feed but the colic meant he wasn't keeping any food down and he was getting sick. The formula worked very well, he did still up chuck a little bit but nothing that was worrying.

I don't know if your baby is having reflux as well but it does say on the can to talk to a dr before feeding.

Jennifer - posted on 09/07/2011




Gripe water worked miracles on my youngest. You can get it at almost any drug store or health food store.

Wendy - posted on 09/07/2011




Omg! my older daughter suffered from it big time. Im talking 6pm till 5am every night for 3 months finally sleeping at midnight until 4 months old. After that no problem 8pm bed sleeping every night all night...thank god!
That is extream cure as far as i know still today ,Oval infant drops may help......sleep when your child sleeps that will help you get through it, ask for help family friends if you need a break even a hour will help....I even stoped brestfeeding beacuse ppl said maybe its my milk, first time mum idk, it did not help she was still just as bad......ask your doctor you never know maybe he has something that will help and it good to get baby checked out making sure thats what it is......good luck i survived it with help(mum) lots of car rides and midnight walks in stroller, a cosy carrier also for walks they like the motion it helps the most....if you add more details maybe i can help more ....

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