Any suggestions on Potty Training?

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She just recently turned a year old but I'm hoping to get her out of diapers soon. They're too expensive!


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Some kids are ready by 18 months, most are not. It's important not to push it. That could be counter-productive.

But it's not a bad idea to simply introduce the potty chair. Let her sit on it and get comfortable with it. When you change her diaper, let her sit on the potty and talk about pee and poo in the potty. But don't get angry if she's not getting it.

My daughter got a potty chair, panties and Elmo's Potty Time DVD for her 2nd birthday. From the time she turned two, I would spend a day or two a month working on training her. When she would get frustrated, we'd put the panties away and pull the diapers back out. But we still talked about pee and poo in the potty and let her play with the potty chair. When she was 2 years and 4 months something clicked. She walked into the living room with her panties pulled around her ankles and said, "Mama, pee pee." So we ran to the potty and she went. We had a huge celebration. Since then, she's gone to the potty (both pee and poo) consistently at home and at grandparents homes. A month later we're still working on potty in public places.

My point is, if you rush you could frustrate your daughter and yourself. If she's showing signs of readiness, go for it! But if it's causing frustration, just wait a little longer.


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Sherri - posted on 10/01/2010




Many parents don't start potty training until their children are 2 1/2 to 3 years old, when daytime bladder control has become more reliable. And some children aren't interested in potty training until they're closer to 3

Use the checklist below to measure your toddler's progress toward readiness, and keep in mind that starting before your child is truly ready doesn't mean you'll finish sooner — it's more likely that the process will just end up taking longer.

Physical signs

Is coordinated enough to walk, and even run, steadily.

Urinates a fair amount at one time.

Has regular, well-formed bowel movements at relatively predictable times.

Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours, which shows that his bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine.

Behavioral signs

Can sit down quietly in one position for two to five minutes.

Can pull his pants up and down.

Dislikes the feeling of wearing a wet or dirty diaper.

Shows interest in others' bathroom habits (wants to watch you go to the bathroom or wear underwear).

Gives a physical or verbal sign when he's having a bowel movement such as grunting, squatting, or telling you.

Demonstrates a desire for independence.

Takes pride in his accomplishments.

Isn't resistant to learning to use the toilet.

Is in a generally cooperative stage, not a negative or contrary one.

Cognitive signs

Can follow simple instructions, such as "go get the toy."

Understands the value of putting things where they belong.

Has words for urine and stool.

Understands the physical signals that mean he has to go and can tell you before it happens or even hold it until he has time to get to the potty.

Alexandra - posted on 10/01/2010




We used a rewards box and "Big Girl" panties and my daughter was completely potty trained by 2 1/2 years old.

MShannon - posted on 10/01/2010




a year is tooo young. when she starts waking up dry in the morning and she starts to know when she starts telling u that she peed you can start with the potty. physiologically their bodies cant tell them that they have to pee yet at one. dont push it on her to soon because in the long run you will hve more difficulty training her. she will let you know in different ways that she is ready

Bridgette Renea - posted on 10/01/2010




To get my daughter potty trained i bought her own calendar with stickers so when she uses the potty she gets to pick out her sticker and i let her pick out her own undies. But you have to let your daughter potty train when she is ready.

Christy - posted on 11/12/2009




i have 5 kids! 4 boys and 1 girl! im a believer in around 18 months old you start working with your little one. i always put them on the potty when they first get up from bed/ nap and before they go to sleep. also if you take them after meal time that will help! if they go they go if not they will soon as long as you always work with them!! at first when they start going on the potty instead of just sitting there. well thats when i start sitting them on more often. the more they go the faster they will learn! the dryer you keep them the faster it will work!! i use clothe training pants!!! and they all except for my 4month old has all been potty trained before 2 yrs old!! there will all ways be an oops! but thats ok!! they are still little!! and will get better!! good luck on your potty training!

Ada - posted on 11/06/2009




One od the things that work with my daughter was everytime I gave her water I waited 15 minutes and ask her to go potty. you would have to be patience and don;t forget to praise her for a job well done.

Katie - posted on 11/06/2009




My daughter did well early just did it all by herself. My sons well that is another story in itself. But she will in good time I would think

Lisa - posted on 11/06/2009




It's probably too early, but remember that every kid has a price - for mine it was candy on the back of the toilet in a jar she could not open herself. Every time she went pottie, she got candy. It was very fast :)

Vicky - posted on 11/06/2009




Not sure if she's old enough. First, they must show signs of readiness: seeking privacy to poop, pulling their own clothes down etc. You can start by buying a potty to let her get used to it without forcing it on her. When she's "ready", the best way to do it is by removing diapers and pull-ups (kids thinks they're diapers too b/c they absorb the moisture) and let them wet herself a few times. She won't like it and she will run to do it the potty! Of course, you'll have explained and showed her to do this beforehand.
Good luck!

Catherine - posted on 11/06/2009




Current thinking is that this is too young to properly toilet train - they just don't have the brain connections yet.
However, if you have the patience & time, you can 'toilet-time' a one-year old. This means you need to know exactly when (eg.15 minutes after eating) your child urinates or deficates & if they give any prior signals (walking off by themselves, pulling a face etc.). Once you have the times of day established, you can place the child on a potty or toilet at the appropriate time, maybe read to them, or sing songs to get them to stay there until they have gone, and then wipe them clean.
I don't know what you'd do about sleep-times though.
Personally, I wouldn't use this method, as I would rather have them come to using the toilet independently. All 4 of my girls have been different, the youngest toilet-trainer was 2yrs & 4mths(our 2nd daughter), the oldest was my eldest who was 3 & 3mths before she would urinate & 4 & 3mths before she would deficate on the toilet. We tried to push the eldest before she was ready & I think we created a delay where, if left more to her own devices, she may have trained much earlier.
If the expense is your only reason for doing this, have you thought about cloth diapers?

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Hey Leslie I understand that diapers are expensive! I wonder tho if you pressure her if you will not be building yourself up for pain and frustration in the long run! Definitely put a potty in the washrrom allow her to see you go to the bathroom, she will get curious and want to explore this new avenue on her own. I hope this helps a little bit:)

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u can get a potty chair and set in the bathroom and kind of let her play with it.. then show her that she can sit on it.. then slowly start to take and begin trying.. i haven't gotten to start with my girl yet but am working with my son... I know that some mom will just start them out on the big potty which works to.. the best thing i figured out is letting them in the bathroom so they see that you use a potty and not your pants seems to help.. I know my son likes to go in the potty just like daddy.. My son is 2 years.. I had a friend who put dish soap in the potty and told her lil girl to make lot of bubbles.. You as mom will know and be able to figure out what is going to work best for your lil girl.. but hope this might help..

Sarah - posted on 11/06/2009




well my daughter is almost there the dr said it takes time what i did was let her run around in the house with nothing on and she went but she is almost five and i have yet to get her to go poop on the potty good luck with this,again it will take time

Mary - posted on 11/06/2009




i learn with my two kids if u push them in it they will buck if u let them just do it it is much easier

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