Any suggestions on teaching a child at 13-14 months to not do something especially if it could hurt them.


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Elfrieda - posted on 06/06/2011




Like Rebecca said, let them get hurt a little bit by whatever they're doing, but not badly. I don't know if it works for every danger, but I think if it's something that will either be totally horrible or else not hurt at all, maybe you could make a loud noise when they get near it to scare them so they realize it's a bad place to be?

Kelly - posted on 06/06/2011




At this age it is really about controlling their environment and making it safe for them. Removing them and saying no very firmly. They will only learn that is is harmful unless they proceed and get hurt then they may realize that it is not good to repeat that behavior. Hard for them to understand an explanation on it tho.

Rebecca - posted on 06/06/2011




I would hold my hand over a red stove burner then pull it away quickly and pretend to be hurt I would do that a few times then put my sons hand just close enough to feel the heat withought getting hurt and pull it away saying owies
also I do alot of sewing so I was always worried about him getting ahold of a stray pin so I took a pin and held it to his hand (withought breaking skin) so he knew it was sharp as a result he never went near me sewing supplies or the stove he never showed any fear of them but was cautious
one time the cat nocked over the pins onto the floor and he came running up to me to tell me there were owies on the floor

some people tell me my methods are a little extreme but I have a brother that cant feel part of his arm as result of getting too close to the stove as a child and would hate for my kids to have to learn the hard way as well

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