Any tips for teaching an 11 year old boy organizational skills? How to stay focused?

Sharon - posted on 08/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is a straight A student and very well behaved. He is very smart...but we are having a problem with him being scatter brained...He will start to do something and if anyone interupts track..He just seems to forget what he was doing.
I know we have babied him a lot growing up by helping him out when he would forget stuff at school or at home and needed it at school...but now he is in 6th grade and I don't want to baby him any longer.
Any tips on how to teach him to be organized and focused?
He plays sports and is very I know that he has a lot going on sometimes and it is easy to forget things...but he just started school this week and already has forgotten to bring stuff home he needs for homework twice.
I know he isn't doing it on purpose (just not caring)...he truly gets sidetracked and just doesn't think about it.
Any help is appreciated!


Jane - posted on 08/19/2011




Teach him to make lists and check off things as they are dealt with. That is what has always worked for me, and has also been very helpful for both my daughter (recently diagnosed as ADD in college) and one of my most productive co-workers (undiagnosed but definitely ADHD) as was her son.

You might also check with his school,and see if they have some sort of "homework watch." This is where the student reports to his home teacher at the end of the day and the teacher helps him make sure he has everything he needs with him to take home.

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