Any tips on "drying up"

Tiffany Michelle - posted on 06/10/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I currently have mastitis for the second time :/ My little one is 5 weeks old and I just can't take the pain any more. I would love any tips or information that you all have to make this process easier.


Sarah - posted on 06/10/2016




God bless you, I had mastitis one time and I struggled with blocked milk ducts often. I personally would suggest you keep nursing until the inflammation has decreased. Drying up is painful enough, with mastitis it could be agony. If you are already committed and started here is a few ideas: wear the best fitting and snuggest bra you have and wear it 24 hours a day, try to keep your chest skin covered up and don't let the baby root on your chest. When the baby cries, or you feel let down you can try ice packs under your arms and against the sides of our breasts to soothe the pain. If you are severely engorged, use a handheld pump to just relieve the pressure, do not manually express. Do not let the baby suck on your fingers. Try not to touch your nipples, if you leak, just let it run. I never used cabbage leaves but many women swear that cold cabbage leaves place in your bra will help with the fullness. When you shower, keep your back to the water. Are you on an antibiotic for the mastitis? I was hospitalized with mastitis and needed IV antibiotics, it was torture. So I hope you feel better.
BTW if you think it may be a blocked duct and not an actual infection, I am a pro at fixing that situation. However it involves quite a bit of touching and massaging to move the milk thru the duct so if you are going to stop cold turkey, then best leave it be.

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