Any tips on transitioning 9 month old breastfed baby into daycare for the first time.

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I have a 9month old baby girl. Currently trying to transition her to daycare. She is still nursing at night, but will have formula during the day. The issue is that she will not let the daycare providers feed her. We are going on week 2 of this behavior. Is this normal in transitioning? Are there any helpful tips into making this a bit easier for her? She does still cry when I leave and throughout the time she is there. I'm just at a lost, I hate to know my little one is upset and crying throughout the day and refusing to eat....

I should also note, I am a military wife and my husband has been the only individuals she has been around are me and a few friends during gatherings. Needless to say, she's never been left with a sitter due to breastfeeding and refusing the bottle. She is just now drinking from a sippy cup, thankfully.


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My eldest daughter did this when she was same age, except she didn't take a bottle at all. It took patience and my wonderful sister to stick through it. With that said, it took a few months and most days she didn't eat till I got home from work.

I have also Nanny'ed for a family who had a little girl that did the same at 6 months, no one could get her to take a bottle, my first day with the right energy and holding her sitting up and facing out I got her to take a bottle. it is all about the right energy.

Question about the daycare...are they continuously offering the bottle? Do they let her play with the bottle or do they remove it at first sign she won't take it? I would insist that they let her carry the bottle around with her (if she can) chew on it, play with it, and just feel comfortable with it. You could also try changing it and going to a sippy cup so that it is just a different feel. If the daycare people are tense about this though she is going to sense that and not feel comfortable eating, just like how breast feeding mom's have to relax for baby.

So if sippy cup works put breast milk in that and have the providers let her carry it around! And practice this at home! Oh and what helps too is keeping your routine the same--on weekends don't breast feed in the day time keep offering her the cup or bottle and feed only at the time you would pick her up otherwise it can be confusing for them and makes Mondays awful!
Best of luck I feel for you!

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