Any younger mummy's out here???

Vicky - posted on 08/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 23 and i have two children,
Does anybody find they are judged just because you are a younger mother.
i fell pregnant at 18 and had my first at 19 then had my second shortly before my 21st birthday.
i am made to feel like i am a outcast. I get funny looks in the park from your average aged mothers.If they came up and spoke to me they would realise that i am no different from them it really gets me down.


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I am 23 and I have 1 child. I also get the funny looks but like you I was an adult out of high school when I had my child. Just remember that you are a young mom which may lead to mistakes but no mother at any age has all the answers. I see being a young mom is better because you have more energy to play and will statistically witness more of their lives. Being a young mom is better also, because once you get to 35-40 yrs old you have your own time and your still not changing diaper. You will still be at an age when your kids are grown to travel and do the things you want. You probably won't have to have a hover round to visit the Grand Canyon. Those moms are just jealous! LOL

Theresa - posted on 08/11/2013




I'm 23 with two little ones also! I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I think I feel more uncomfortable about it than anyone else does. Maybe you only think that people look down on you because YOU feel like you were too young? If you thought you were overweight, you would probably assume everyone else was thinking the same thing when they were looking at you. These other moms might not be judging you at all! Sometimes I get self conscious about it when I'm walking with my two young ones and older moms look at me, especially because I look younger than I am. But no one else's opinion matters in the end. Just remember-- "A lot of people said my life would end when I got pregnant but they were wrong, my life was just beginning!"

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