Anybody else ever walk on egg shells around your child?

Wendy - posted on 06/10/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




It seemed like something we would do forever... the careful selection of words,, the way we hid certain things or kept our voices down,,,,all to avoid the ranting and raging that would definately occur usually whether or not we tried..
It wasnt until just recently that I was finally able to put a name to that rage... My daughter was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder last month. And I dont know if Im relieved to finally have something to blame it on or if Im even more worried because now I know shes sick...but what I do know is that if something doesnt happen family is going to fall apart. This all started many years ago when she was only 3.. back then I assumed it was just a terrible twos stage. but that stretched into tots then kindergarden and gradeschool ages,and now here we are in the preteen era... and I want to know... will I ever feel like my daughter doesnt hate me? will there come a day that I no longer have to worry about her reactions to anything and everything?I never know how to treat her anymore... Do I discipline her for her behavior? or am I to blame for not eliminating the triggers that set her off? And an even bigger question... Why are most of her outbursts centered on me? She has never blown up on anyone the way she does with me.. Why is that?


Dove - posted on 06/10/2016




You are her safe zone which is why she lashes out at you. Yes, you should absolutely be disciplining... and she should have been in counseling years ago, so if she's not now... get her in it immediately. The counselor can help you come up w/ discipline strategies to help both of you.

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