Anybody have any experience with the birth control implant? Would love some advice!

Corinne - posted on 07/26/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




I'm trying to figure out what birth control to go on after I have my daughter and I'm stuck between the IUD and the arm implant. I've had the IUD before and besides occasional cramping it worked great for me. The arm implant is effective for the exact amount of time I want to wait though. I read somewhere that if you have depression the implant might not be the best choice due to increased risk of worsening the symptoms... is this only is odd cases or is it the norm?


Chelsea - posted on 07/27/2012




I have the paragard IUD which is a non hormonal IUD, unlike mirena, which releases hormones like the pill. I still have periods and they're actually more regular and shorter than before. I've had it for 3 years and since its non hormonal it lasts 10 years. I agree with what everyone else is saying. If you liked the IUD then go back to it. If you don't want your periods to get messed with, go with a non hormonal option. talk to your gyno about all of your options and the likes and dislikes of each option.

Tina - posted on 07/27/2012




I'd say if you were happy with IUD I'd go with what has worked before. I have the implannon. The first eight months I was bleeding constantly and I was really depressed had suicidal thoughts just couldn't get a grip. I stuck it out though because I didn't want to get pregnant. It has gotten better over time for me. I still get down but I've found going for walks getting exercise has helped me. I've heard some horror stories about it. But i've also heard good things. I'd say just stick to what works for you to be on the safe side.


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Corinne - posted on 07/28/2012




I've never had an IUD so can't comment on that. I DO have the implanon implant in my arm and it is hell. It can make your periods disappear, it can make them worse. For just over two years, I have been having 4-6 week long periods with maybe a week or two off in between.The hormones have had me all over the place and I get super upset or angry at the drop of a hat. The thing is, you won't know how it will affect you until you try it.

Corinne - posted on 07/27/2012




The only thing that kinda freaks me out about the IUD is it completely stopped my periods. It was great to not deal with but I feel like that's a process that shouldn't be messed with. I still could tell when I was supposed to have it because I would still get PMS-y and break out like a teenager but that was it. Maybe I'm over thinking it? Haha, if doctors knew why it was happening it would be different but it's kind of like, "yea, it works and won't kill you, that's all we know" but knowing that the implant caused the depression for you confirms it not being right for me. Thanks!

Jodi - posted on 07/27/2012




There is a saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I'd say you can apply this to the use of the IUD. If it worked well for you before, then why take the risk on something you aren't so sure about? I'd stick with that.

Michelle - posted on 07/27/2012




I had the Implanon and bled solidly for 6 months! As soon as I got it out the bleeding stopped. If you had success with the IUD I would go that again.

Katie - posted on 07/27/2012




The mirena coil worked great for me, didn't even notice it there. If you had success first time around with the IUD then you should go for that again. Good luck! :)

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