Anybody know of how I can get help??????

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So my ex in-law have connections and money and for those of you that don't know Cullman County Alabama is corrupt!! So almost 5yrs. ago they sent DHR after me ( her grandmother was friends with the director and also keep in mind her grandfather knows a few of the judges), so anyway the put temporary custody with them and took her away. First it was bc I wasn't fit bc I worked and went to school then it went on to several other BS excuses. They had to eventually close there case bc they couldn't prove me unfit. The case was suppose to be set up for review almost 5yrs. ago to return custody. So instead of ever giving me a court date the just keep giving me the run around, not notifying the correct people, the clerks office here recently didn't even let my attorney know that they had supposedly made a mistake and forgot to notify the grandparents and there attorney until 3 days before the court date. Also last month when we showed up for court my attorney said that have of the records of everything that has gone on that should have been in my file were missing. Really missing? So anyway my daughter is 9 now and is becoming very impaitient. They starting monitoring her calls and they are emotionally and verbally abusive to her. Her father was physically abusive and now that have let him move in with them. She is wanting to come home so bad that she is threating to run away. I need results instead of the run around. Please anybody have a suggestion???????


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Take it up with a federal judge. Tell them your concerns and get different lawyers and judges on the case. Bring it to the media. They'll tear them to pieces. Don't tell them you are going to do it, just do it. If you threaten or warn them of it, they'll try to get there first.

That entire situation is sick. You daughter is of the age to properly testify.

If you go over their heads you should be able to get something done. Good luck on getting your baby back.


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I honestly in that situation would be doing what ever I could to get her in my care and getting the hell out of there and go somewhere that they cannot find her and harrass you. What a nightmare. I hope you get her back and don't have to go through the nonsense anymore.

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