anybody out there that have children which have not been dignosed even though you know they have special needs???

Kirsty - posted on 02/24/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




hello im a mum of two children one is nearly 9 and the other one is 6, i have a girl and a boy.
they have been through quite alot tests but they keep coming back normal.
my children are both delayed in everything, they also have low muscle tone and not much speach, is there anybody out there that your child could be the same as mine?
my girl picks her skin till it bleeds she started on her face first then started on her arms and hands, but my son does not pick at all.
lady in uk from the hosptial really thought my daughter had angleman syndrome and my son prador syndrome but the tests came back and they have not got these syndromes, i really would like to know why this has happened and probley wont rest untill i find the real course of these problems.
please help!!!

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