Anyone a stepmom to your husband's 15-year old daughter?

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How do I discipline or get my fiance to help discipline his 15-year old daughter? I have never, never seen someone able to function in a room that looks the way her room looks. Clothes all over the place...left inside out when taken off, left on the floor, sometimes on the floor on the way out the door. She's got about 20 pairs of skinny jeans because I don't think she remembers what she has for clothes because there's no organization. When I do her laundry, I fold the clothes inside out like she put them in the laundry. I refuse to take my time to turn them the right way around for her. This is now my house too, so I feel I should be able to have a clean house. We all share a bathroom, and her half of the counter is always laying with makeup, hair all over the place and in the sink. She also leaves dishes lying around wherever she used the dishes. She has no chores, no job, sleeps a lot, and is on the computer all the time. A person stumbles over her shoes when you come in the door because she takes them off and leaves them right there. Help! I have keptmy feelings to myself in fear of ruining my relationship with my fiance, but I feel as time goes on, I will get so annoyed I become angry and resentful.


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i was in this exact same situation when i first met my husband. it was a very sore subject for us for a long time. there were constant threats that she would just go live with her mother, so my husband let her get away with everything! her room was always disgusting, never lifted a finger to help around the house....eventually my husband got tired of the 2 of us fighting and realized she needed to grow up a little and made her start taking on responsibilities that she should have already taken on at her age. now she's almost 20, in college, and we have a great relationship. it's very hard to come into a step childs life when they're older. give it some time and it should get better.

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