Anyone else blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law?

Rachel - posted on 02/10/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I see all these conversations about how awful some people's mother-in-laws are, but I have been extremely blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law, whom I consider more of a mother than anything. She has helped us through so much, she was there for the birth of my first 2 kids, and came to the hospital to get them when my third was born. She takes time to come visit us if we aren't able to see her. We've lived with them on 2 different occasions, and usually spend the night there on Christmas Eve. She has 2 biological sons, my husband one of them, a step-son, a granddaughter that lives with her, and has adopted 3 kids. I am just extremely thankful that I have been blessed with someone who has become a mother to me:) I hope there are others lucky enough to have a wonderful mother-in-law!


Krista - posted on 02/11/2010




My MIL and FIL are beyond awesome. My in-laws live next door to us, which in many families, would be a recipe for disaster. Nope. They're so respectful of our space and privacy, but are always so considerate (if she's running out to do groceries, she ALWAYS calls to see if I need anything at the store). When it snows, my FIL will come over at 7am and plow out our driveway and even brush off my car for me. They'll watch our baby on a moment's notice if they can, and they're just really generous and giving and fun to be with. I'm very lucky.

Jodie - posted on 02/11/2010




yes great to hear.. so many bad stories about the mother-in from myself is also blessed with a loving,caring beautiful mother-in-law couldnt do enough for me,the beautiful lady had three boys(one of which is my hubby) always wanted a girl says she is blessed now for she now has a daughter

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Dani - posted on 08/14/2013




When you think back over your life there are perhaps one or two people who have helped shape you into becoming the person you are today. My mother in law was that person for me. She was my mother in law but more importantly she was my friend. Having a critical mother I don't know where I'd be now if I hadn't had my darling Jose who always believed in me and made me feel valued and loved. She was funny, kind, selfless and loved her family. She was also wise, silent when she needed to be and always wise.
I was so lucky and now she is no longer with us I miss her every single day.

Andrea - posted on 02/10/2010




My mother in law was an AWSOME lady.. We lost her due to cancer a week after our sons 2nd birthday and our daughter was 5months 1 weeks when she passed away.. She helped me so much as my mom live out of state when i was having my son.. So I called and went to see her all the time when i had a question that i needed answered.. She and i were more then just daughter in law and mother in law we were BEST FRIENDS.. We found out she had cancer a week after we got married and found out our daughter was going to be born with Gastroschisis (insides outside belly) She put a fight to see her FIRST grand daughter for 5 months which is all she wanted to do.. She just wanted to be able to say that she got to love on her gand daughter and she did.. Our son was the first garndson in 18 years.. There are 16 year between my hubby and his older brother.. So if any thing i would have to say my mother in law was an awsome woman who would have given her family any thing in the world.. I was blessed to spend 3 years with my mother in law, we use to garden together, shop, cook, paint. you name it we did it.. lol.. Sitting here think of her my eye fill with tears, wishing she was still here to see us all and spend time with.. I however am glad she is no longer in pain and isn't suffering any longer.. I miss ya ma.. Thank you for the good thoughts.. I am glad to know i am not alone in having an awsome mother in law.. Take care.. Enjoy every day you have with them.. Best wishes..

Charlene - posted on 02/10/2010




I have a pretty awesome MIL too! :) Hubby and I live in Alberta and all of our relatives live in PEI, so maybe that's why. Haha, jk.

Actually, she actually is really awesome. I always know that if we need anything, we can always turn to her. I also have an awesome FIL, BIL and SIL. Actually, I am almost closer with my in-laws than I am with some members of my own family!

Emily - posted on 02/10/2010




I have a wonderful MIL too! She is like my second mom. Wish everyone could be so lucky.

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