Anyone else feel more alone now that you have a baby then you did when it was just you???

J'Aira - posted on 09/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 2 now and I love this little boy more than life itself. It hasn't been an easy two years. His father is disabled (legally blind, needs a walker to get around) so its always been me who needs to take care of him. I feel like my family is no help. But whats really worse it seems like my friends, especially the ones who swore up and down I wouldn't be alone, never call me. I know I am a mom now and I can't do spontaneous things anymore, but nobody calls me to invite me to anything coming up, then they'll say "Oh well we figured you wouldnt have a baby sitter." On the rare occasions I do have one, i call my friends as soon as i have notice, but they all have plans. I just feel so lost and really so alone. I don't like to complain because i know i'm not the only single mom out there, but I just really feel like I don't have anyone to turn to.


Cecilia - posted on 09/28/2013




go make some new mommy friends. Go to places where people take their kids, like mommy and me classes, or baby swimming classes. Find some place where other mothers meet up and go. I'm sure the hubby won't mind it once he sees you're happier and you're spending time with the baby :)

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