anyone else get hives during early prgnancy?

Loraine - posted on 12/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all, I'm 7 wees pregnant & have been itching none stop for few weeks. Last night i came out in hives on the inside tops of my legs & where my legs & bum meet. Today tey have sprad undermy breasts & they are now starting on my arms.
Any ides to relieve the itching would be great as its driving me mad.
Also do i need to see my Midwife about it or will I be wasting there time?

May thanks x


Kaitlin - posted on 12/21/2012




yep, i had that bad. you can definitely talk to your midwife about ways to soothe the itching, but like nausea, sometimes it just won't go away completely. Try changing your soap/bodywash, lotions, laundry detergent or fabric softner- sometimes they can further irritate your skin. On the same page, make sure your skin is hydrated, find a lotion that is soothing (I liked gold bond medicated- it had a soothing menthol in it that helped sometimes) or even putting stretch mark cream on your skin, though that can get expensive (and be careful, some stretch mark creams are only for after you are pregnant). Some doctors can give you medication to help, but always go through them first, and again, it doesn't mean it will go away. Good luck.

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