anyone else had all kind of pain during pregnancy?

Shemekia_brown16 - posted on 11/14/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




anyone else had all kind of pains during there 2nd pregnancy?


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Shemekia_brown16 - posted on 11/17/2012




i try not to be but after mi 5month i jux been crying an been sad/worried.

Crystal - posted on 11/17/2012




This is what I dealt with during pregnancy. My third child is 3 1/2 months now, the pain with him limited me greatly. I also experienced this while pregnant with child number two but worse with the third, I have read that the pain does increase with each pregnancy. My doctors had very little sympathy for me and I had to explain the condition to one of the doctors. There is just nothing that can be done to relieve the pain except for delivery of the child. You hurt so bad and people think you are just milking for pregnancy sympathy. Made me wonder, while I was suffering, if maybe it was all in my head. It was after the child was born I wanted to hurt everyone who cohabitated with me because they weren't more of a help to me. Very soon after the c-section I was up and walking around, the nurses were amazed. I felt like a new woman!

The pain with this condition can be horrible and frustrating. Hang in there, stay in the bed as much as you can, rest (you are gonna need it).

Makayla - posted on 11/15/2012




This is my second pregnancy im 38 weeks 3 days. I have had the worse pain ever. My hips and pelvic hurt so bad I can bearly get out of bed or walk. Back pain like you wouldnt believe. I thought this time around would be easier boy was I wrong. Good luck!!

Lola - posted on 11/14/2012




I haven't had a second pregnancy but I did during my first my doctor said it was most probably just everything stretching and all the different hormone changes etc I wouldn't be too worried but if you are go and see your doctor it can't hurt that's what there there for lol :)

Amy - posted on 11/14/2012




I had a problem with my sciatic nerve during my second pregnancy, the pain would come and go.

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