Anyone else have a 16 month old with constipation/cramps from whole milk?

Laurie - posted on 12/02/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




Has anyone else had a problem with constipation and cramps with their 16 month old since switching to whole milk? My son was on special formula since he was a month old for a milk protien allergy. Since starting whole milk he has had a problem with constipation. My pediatrician put him on miralax 1 tsp 3x daily. That does not seem to help. Yesterday was really bad. His tummy cant handle prune juice (he vomits within seconds), pear and orange juice dont help, and I even used the supository and that didnt work either. Finally gave him apple juice and that seemed to help a little. He was still uncomfortable last night and I didnt want to bind him up more than he was so I tried skim milk and he did great. He didnt cramp up during or after drinking it and he had a BM this morning without a problem. He actually seemed to sleep better also. Has anyone else had to use a low fat milk due to this problem? He eats yogurt and lots of fruit and vegetables.


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Tinker1987 - posted on 12/06/2011




My little guy had some consitpation when we switched him too whole milk he is 12 months now,was 11 when we fully switched help keep him regular he has Apple/Prunce juice in his diet... when he is not seeming constipated he only had very diluted juice... when he gets SO badly consitpated where he is in alot of pain,i give him a dose of his stool softner in juice or milk,that the pharmasist gave me but that is a last resort thing,since i dont like to rely on meds for everything.but it does help them along..

Nikki - posted on 12/06/2011




My daughter had the same issue, she was on Goat's milk formula. Cow's milk did not agree with her at all so we kept her on the formula until she was almost 2. I started introducing cow's milk slowly around 20 months and she seems ok with it now, however she does not drink much at all. I have tried regular goat's milk, rice milk, almond milk and she will not touch any of them.

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Laurie, it's not the calories they need from whole milk, but fat. Growing brains need fat. Maybe you can get animal fat from other sources. Good luck -- I hope your doctor was helpful and you find a healthy solution.

Jessica - posted on 12/06/2011




I had the same problem with my daughter with whole milk she would get constipated and throw up almost every night but my dr kept telling me that she would grow out grow it but she didnt so I tried her on soy and she got the runs from it, then I decided to put her on 2% milk and she has been on it ever since and hasnt had a problem since she is 23 months now but was about 13-14 months when I tried the whole milk with her, hope this helps some (:

Laurie - posted on 12/02/2011




Jodi - His pediatrician seems to think he has outgrown the milk allergy. However he obviously has some issue with whole milk. Like I stated earlier he seemed to handle the skim milk with no problems. Something in whole milk that may not be in skim?? Guess I will have to look into that. I have not tried goat or sheeps milk. I asked about soy and she said not to give him that. It just breaks my heart that he has the cramps and BM issues. I am going to look into the differences in whole and skim. If he can handle the skim, I dont see a reason that he cant have that. From what I read so far, the only reason they need whole milk is for the calories. If we can make up for this in other healthy ways then I would think the skim would be fine since he handles that well. Guess a call to the pediatrician is on my list of things to do today. Thanks for the reply!

Jodi - posted on 12/02/2011




If your son has a milk protein allergy, then he is allergic to whole milk, so it goes without saying that he would be reacting. If he is allergic to the proteins in cows milk, he's be allergic to low fat milk too......

Have you tried sheep or goat's milk? These are a viable alternative, as they are still providing the animal fats necessary for development. But it depends on which protein he is allergic to (apparently there are many proteins in milk).

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