Anyone else starting their baby on solids at 4 months and if so how's it going?

Emma - posted on 02/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Just wondering if there any other mommies out there who are starting their 4 month olds on solids yet. Or any mommies with now older babies who did the same. And how it's going for you. Any experiences you want to share. Any reactions your child had. Any improvements in sleep? Any impact on breast feeding or milk supply? What kind of foods did you start with. Etc etc


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Jessica - posted on 02/23/2012




I started my now 3 year old on solids when she was almost 5 months old. It didn't impact anything, but she did love to eat. She slept the same and nursed the same for a while, until solids became more of her diet. I had a bit of problem with my supply and when her 4 month spurt hit I was so sick of nursing every 5 minutes that I offered some baby cereal instead. She didn't have any allergies/food intolerances. My 9 month old is eating solids like a pro and only starting now have I noticed she is nursing less, and that's only because my breasts feel "full" most of the time now. And it's only now, around 9 months, that I have noticed a change in her sleeping length. We are finally only waking once a night and once in the early morning. I'm not convinced that solids helps babies sleep any longer... :)

Brittney - posted on 02/23/2012




I started my daughter on solids when she was 2months old, then reintroduced it when she was 3 months old. She did very well, no gagging and she ate an adult's serving size...I only breastfed for a week, so I'm not sure how it would have impacted the supply. My niece says she still pumps and freezes it since her baby is on solids, so it hasn't impacted her supply at all.

I started with cream of wheat, but I don't recommend because of how hard it was to clean up. I recommend starting with baby oatmeal cereal since it is a little chunkier than rice and gets them used to lumpier foods quicker. My daughter started to sleep through the night more and more when I introduced solids...but I didn't start them so she would, she was drinking 93 ounces of formula a day and I didn't think she was getting full off of her formula anymore, so I started to offer 5 tablespoons of cereal at breakfast time. She took to it well and when she was 4 months old, I started her on 1st stage foods and when she was 5 months old 3rd foods, and by the time she was 7 months old, I didn't need to buy baby food anymore, because she didn't like the taste of them versus 'real' food. I didn't offer her apple sauce until she was near one, I'm allergic to apples and thought that if I offered it, she would become allergic, which didn't happen and according to her pediatrician doesn't happen.

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