Anyone else us a fertile app?

Karen - posted on 09/08/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I use several apps to track my period and fertility. All but one basically says the same thing about my fertility window. There are comments on some about woman who used them and ended up pregnant. The internet says its actually better to have sex before your ovulation day but last month I pretty much followed the same fertility window. We did it on the first day of the fertile window that time so my guess is we did it too soon. This time we did it on my most fertile day according to the apps I use and from my CM I think its right about today being my ovulation. Hopefully we got the timing right this time. I do want to ask if anyone else has used a fertility app and succeeded in getting pregnant? I realize it might take a while to actually get pregnant but my main concern is that there is infertility in my family and I want to make sure it wasn't passed to me so I'm trying my best to get pregnant this year and praying that it works.


Michelle - posted on 09/08/2016




I never used an app because a bit of technology doesn't know when I am actually ovulating.
You may actually ovulate earlier in your cycle instead of in the middle. The best way is to track your temps and even use an ovulation kit.
The time you ovulate can actually change as well. I used to ovulate in the middle of my cycle but fell pregnant with my 3rd child after only having sex the day after my period ended. An app can't tell you specifically about your body.

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