Anyone else with a toddler who hits himself?

Lisa - posted on 07/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 19 months old has understood I don't want him to hit other children but gets so upset if they take his toys or hits him so he starts to hit himself with open hands in his face. He also hits himself if I tell him no or tell him not to do something. Also if he doesn't want to change his diaper/nappy he starts to bang his head on the floor, walls and even on sharp corners. His forehead was blue once after he banged his head. I know he will grow out of this but sometimes it does really get to me when he hit himself like that. Most of the time I calmly just say - Don't hit yourself and takes his hands and hold them gently. I think he realise that if he hits another child or me I get sharper in my tone and tell him off. But if he hits himself he gets more sympathy from me. It isn't completely easy to deal with though I do understand it is just a faze.
I have never spanked him/hit him and I am not a shouter. I think he is doing this to get my sympathy and because he is upset he can't get his way all the time. Anyone with any advice?


Kelina - posted on 07/03/2012




when you take his hands does he allow that? or does he fight you? It could be a behavioural thing, it could also be the first signs of autism or something similar. If he allows you to take his hands no problem, it's more likely a behavioural thing. You could try ignoring the tantrums. reward the good behaviours. With my daughter when she threw a fit about having her diaper changed I said fine, took it off and sat her on the potty every time she started to go pee. After and afternoon of that she was quite happy to have the diaper back on. Apparently it was too much work to think about using the potty :)

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