Anyone ever been moody after having your baby?

Cam - posted on 08/20/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 7 months old now. My relationship was great before birth, but it seems to be turning after I had my son. I have became really moody, and emotional. VERY EMOTIONAL! I cry EVERYDAY, no matter what, I just cry, and cry, and cry... I can't seem to stop, I cry over the stupiest reasons, like...
Bacon, yes! I said Bacon, Cry over soap, cry if you say the wrong thing, cry when my shoes get wet, I just cry. And I can't stop! I need help! I am extremely emotional, and I think there is something wrong with me. SERIOUSLY! My relationship is getting worse because of me. I complain to my Fiance all the time, start arguements that shouldn't even matter. And he walks out and I get even more upset, and I cry then I calm down and think "wow! That was stupid to argue and get upset about".. I don't know any other girls that have became this way after having a baby! I am on BC I have the IUD, I don't think this is my problem since It started before I had the IUD, Also, I get really lonely, Even when i am around tons of people, my baby, and the guy I love most in life, I am still always lonely. I don't know if i feel depressed because I dont believe in depression, I have NEVER wanted to harm my baby ever! Never yelled at him or anything to that nature! I just get lonely and moody, and emotional, and defensive about the stupidest things...... but, I was wondering if anyone can suggest something that will make me not so moody? or if anyone else has expecienced this at all? I am going to the doctors about this but, im scared of what he might say.


Kimberly - posted on 08/21/2012




I have been through sort of the same thing and I was told I had PND which deep down I knew I already had. Go see your doc and dont be scared about what he has to say, you didnt do anything wrong, its a very big deal having a baby. I have been open with other mothers I know about the fact that I DNP and that I did have to get treatment to help me with it, I wasnt helping anyone by trying to get over it myself. My daughter is now almost 3 and I am having my second in 11 weeks and I have already talked to my partner about seeking treatment alot sooner then I did with her because I know I need help with it. Depression isnt just being sad, its being moody,emotional, lonely, anitexity, stressed you can have one, two or all of these things, I hope this helps you some and talk openly to your doc about how you feel, I have learned the hard way that by faking that everything is fine only makes this harder for me. Best of luck


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Cam - posted on 08/21/2012




Thank you both so much!
I talked to my OB about it today, He said that I have "baby blues", and although he can not do anything for me, My family doctor should be able too, sooo.. I am making an appointment in the morning to be seen by my family doctor.

Michelle - posted on 08/21/2012




Have you been to your doctor? You could be suffering depression and it can be treated.

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