Anyone ever used a bed-wetting alarm?

Jessica - posted on 04/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 6.5 and still wets most nights, so we'd like to try an alarm. Looking for people's experiences with alarms and brand recommendations. Thanks in advance!


Rachel - posted on 04/26/2012




best thing we ever did!!!

we hired one through our school nurse, it worked within 6 weeks, our daughter was 8ys old. we were restricting drinks and lifting her in the night to go the toilet. This we have found out is not helpful in gaining long term independant night dryness.

the best advise i was given was to increase the amount of water she drank throughout the day by almost double - water with everything!!!! this stretches the bladder so it can hold more at night, made sense, and i think this actually helped more than the alarm. Also as part of the bed alarm programme, she had to walk from her bed to the toilet 6 times before going to bed and say 6 times i will beat the bell and be the boss of my bladder. this gave her ownership of the problem and made her self believe she could have a dry night.

We only had approx 6 wet nights in the 6 weeks we had the alarm.

i also read a book called how to be the boss of your bladder, which had a section for parents to read and a section for the children to be read. very good

good luck - and remember it is considered normal to have wet beds up to 8yrs old, so you don;t need to stress, just a pain with all the washing though......


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Brittany - posted on 04/26/2012




Hey :) I still have the same problem with my son, he's 7 now.. I don't have an alarm for him but I have found restricting drinks after supper helped somewhat. Also I now wake him up before I go to bed around 11 to use the bathroom again, this has solved most problems.

I can see why an alarm would be helpful tho :)

Good luck to you!

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