Anyone go any suggestions on how to get my 27 month old to sleep through the night in her own bed?? She goes to bed just fine and is asleep by 9pm at the latest then usually around 11 or 1am she wakes up and wants in my bed... now i am guilty of giving in before because im so tired and she sleeps right through til morning if shes in my bed. If I lay back down with her in her bed (which is a twin btw) she will fall back asleep but only for another few hours or so. Also sometimes when she gets up she will scream bloody murder when i go to put her back in her bed.... i just dont know if i should just let her cry it out or if i should be laying with her every night... help please:)


Tam - posted on 01/15/2012




When I had this problem, I would let my daughter fall asleep in my bed, then move her to her room. She'd usually wake a little, and sometimes fuss, but after a while she settled down. Usually, if she cried for more than 10 or 15 minutes I would go and reassure her. Sometimes, though, she was actually throwing a tantrum rather than crying for some other reason like fear of the dark or what have you.

It took a couple of tired nights, but it is totally doable. Eventually, she stopped coming in to my room except for when she had a nightmare.

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