Anyone have ALBERTA CANADA Custody Advice?

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I go to court Dec 6, 2012 for a Vary Child Support Order AND a Parenting order. My son's dad has seen him a total of 43 days out of 609.

Is it insane for me to ask him to sign over his rights?

He obviously isn't in his life and in one year (Mar 2011 - Mar 2012) custody would have been 8.5/91.5. Which is not normal. He hasn't seen his son since March 2012 and has made 3 phone calls which only 1 did he ask to speak to his son.

In my parenting order, I had asked for him to make 1 month of weekly consistant phone calls to transition into visitation of 12 supervised visits until he can prove to be stable, have a home and want to be in my son's life. But I also feel like that tells him "HOW" to be in my son's life.

He has ran from Maintanence since Jan 2012, he started getting a garnished wage 8 weeks ago but still has no seen his son (who is only 20 minutes if that away).

I am looking for advice from people who live in Alberta, Canada. I want to know if there is a way to ask for him to sign over his rights and if he does, I will drop MEP as of that month until his payments are caught up, then say Goodbye, you won't ever hear from me again.

Is this reasonable?

He is also expecting another child Jan 31, 2013... which he told the mother to get an abortion and he only wanted a son and disappeared on her at 9 weeks pregnant.... DEAD BEAT!

NEED ADVICE, Thanks Ladies!

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