Anyone have experience with nosebleeds?

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My 3 year old has been getting pretty bad nosebleeds in the middle of the night, usually when there are big changes in the weather. It scares the hell out of him (and me) and all I can do is try to stop it and calm him down.


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Erin - posted on 05/24/2012




I agree. Humidifier. I got a lot of nose bleeds when I was young especially in the winter because the house was so dry. Just try to keep the air in the house moist and it should help.

Kaitlin - posted on 05/24/2012




ditto to little miss- especially if you have an AC unit in their room in the summer, it really dries out the air. You can also try to use a q tip and put a dab of vasaline in his nostrils once or twice a day to keep it moist.
My oldest never has them, but my youngest wakes up with bloody sheets often. Some kids just have sensitive noses :D

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/24/2012




Start putting a humidifier in his room to get rid of the dry air, and take him to the doctors just in case.

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