Anyone have suggestions to help older baby sleep thru the night???

Rachel - posted on 04/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Had my second baby and he simply won't sleep.

He's never slept. He was breastfed the first 3 months so we didn't notice then. We started formula at 4 months to help get him to sleep longer then 2hrs. Then we started food at 5 months. For a week it worked but then he regressed back to his 2-3 hr pattern. He also doesn't sleep during the day. He'll take at least 2 naps, and if I'm lucky they will be at least 45 minutes.

He has always acted overtired. I can get him to sleep by holding, rocking, etc but he won't STAY asleep. And once he wakes, he's up. We have tried, literally, everything. He also has GERD so I can't let him cry hard or it will make him even worse. He always acts like he can't get comfortable. Whether alone, in bed with us, held or swaddled. I do use essential oils but again, its not getting him to sleep that is the issue but keeping him asleep. So the aromatherapy doesn't help either. NOW we're getting into the normal separation anxiety phase and teething. Which causes him to wake even more.

What do you do...what have you done? ...I'm beyond sleep deprived.


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