Anyone just plain sick of folding laundry and cleaning!

Charity_knox - posted on 07/22/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I love love my kids so much. We have been on a tight budget and hubby has been working all day everyday. My kids play outside most of the day and we go on little adventures, read books, go on walks (when it;s not 104 outside) We live in a rural community so many fun activities in "town" are 90 miles away so that cut's into our budget a bit. I try an make things interesting for my two 19 month olds and 5 year old. Maybe I am just feeling burnt out! The thought of folding another piece of laundry make me want to run away and cleaning up yet another mess,grrr! I know it's part of life but I am surely feeling the monotony here! Maybe I just need a date with hubby or time away from kiddos.

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