Anyone out there have a baby at 24 weeks, words of support and encouragement welcome!

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Ashley - posted on 09/01/2011




Hey Lisa! Sorry my post is so late just found this now =)
I had my boys at 24 weeks...I have an incompetent cervix, and wasn't aware until an ultrasound and then went on strict bed rest in the hospital. The doctors said if I can't hold them until 24 weeks then they can't do anything to help... I lasted 24 and 2 days, my boys were in the NICU for 4 1/2 months..and they're 2 1/2 now...perfectly normal boys.. they both have chronic lung disease and a few other minor things..but they did it and are active and are keeping up with the other kids... one however came home on oxygen and a feeding tube..but its all do able and they can survive and live happy even when being born at 24 weeks =)

User - posted on 01/30/2009




I really feel for you. I had my daughter at 32 wks and she stayed in NICU for 2 wks then came home and it was a very trying time. She is now 5 yrs old and you would never know that she was early. Then just 4 months ago I had my son at 31 wks. He stayed in hospital for 6 wks. He was 4lbs 3 1/2 oz at birth and now he is over 13lbs and doing well. I know that this is further along than you, but all preemies are similar and experiences are similar. Bottom line use the experience of the NICU nurses and do what feels comfortable for you. If you can visit baby often then be sure to do that because even though they are in the hospital the first couple of weeks you can't get back. Take lots of pictures because they are precious memories and this is such a hectic time you will forget things so pictures help to remind you of this precious time. Good luck with your baby.

Amanda - posted on 01/30/2009




Hello, i had twin boys at 27 weeks. It is a wonderful yet trying time. they were 1lb 15oz and 1lb 10oz. They stayed in the hospital for months. I have a friend that had a little boy at 24 weeks and he is 2 1/2 now and healthy. Good luck! any question feel free to ask.

Sheri - posted on 01/30/2009




Hi Lisa- I work in Labor and Delivery at a tertiary hospital (one that would take care of kids as early as yours). There are many things that come into play with super-premies (steroid treatment, gender, weight,etc) but the bottom answer is that each child is different. Kids at this gestational age have many challenging months of life before the road levels out for them. Their personality will be evident early on- but they all share some common traits. They need a quiet, peaceful warm place. The hospital will take care of their physical needs- you can take care of providing the love. Remember to take care of yourself- if you get sick you can't even be with your child. Plan for the NICU stay to be a long one- 24wk babies sometimes stay in the NICU beyond their due dates. Remember this above all: worry can't help. If you can't change things or resolve the worries within this day the give the worries to God. Holding on to the worries is toxic for you and keeps you from being there with your baby. Good luck and God bless you and your baby.

Chandra - posted on 01/30/2009




i had my son at 37 weeks which you wouldn't think is bad. He had two holes in his heart and underdeveloped lungs. He spent a week in the nicu. Thank God for modern medicine otherwise he wouldn't be here. It's hard on your body b/c you're recovering from a delivery but take it slow and spend as much time with your baby  as you  can

Ann - posted on 01/30/2009




I had mine at 29 weeks at 3 lbs 12 oz , a bit later but it is scary I think in the same way, she stayed in the NICU for almost a month, basically because she was so young so be prepared, My husband is a teacher and since it was summer we could spend a lot of time with her, but it is draining and exhausting and really hard to leave every night but being there for her was all that mattered to me.  you could tell she learned our voices pretty fast and she would react differently to us than others.  So if you can spend the time its worth it, but our hospital had Rocking Grandmas for the babies whose parents werent able to come as often so they had cuddle time which I thought was great becasue lets face it the nurses dont always have time to do it all!  Ask to have kangaroo time, where you put him/her next to your skin and hold them, also take advantage of the nurses wisdom and dont be afraid to try things yourself, they made me intimidated at first but then I just decided hey its my baby and I am going to pick her up and cuddle her or play with her as much as I want!  She is almost 7 months now and you would never know she was a preemie! 

Amy - posted on 01/30/2009




i had my little boy at 26 weeks he weighed 950grams

he had loads of problems but is now a healthy happy 8mth old and weighs 11lb

he still tiny but is happy

Mags - posted on 01/30/2009




my daughter had a baby at 29 weeks i know thats abit later but she only weighed 1lb 14ozs .she is now a very healthy 30 month old .we all were so scared but they can a lot now .so just keep your spirits up .

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