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Hello I am new to this site and group. I am a stay at home mom of 2. My daughter who is 2 and a half was breastfed and never took a bottle (she refused). My son who is now 5 and half months was born with vsd and had to have surgery 8 days after birth. He wasn't allowed food until 2 days after surgery and then he was breastfed up until February 18th. I then was hospitalized for 3 weeks for an extreme ruptured appendix and had emergency surgery. I had to stop breastfeeding obviously because I was there and baby wasn't and I was on to many meds. Anyways now he has been formula fed ever since. He stayed with my sister in law while I was there. She said she had to pretty much force feed him. I am in desperate need of help! I don't have the heart to do that but have been trying. He FREAKS out as soon as the bottle is in his face! I mean like screams, cries, wiggles his face to try to get away etc. Yesterday he only had 8oz and today so far the same thing! I am new to the formula thing and I hear they are supposed to get like 16-32oz a day at this age. He has be using the Doctor Brown Bottles and Gerber Gental Poder Formula. I brought him to the doctor and gave me samples of Simalac Liquid Formula which I tried but that made him vomit, so I stopped and went back to what we were giving him. I hear breastfed babies are harder to switch over to bottles but don't know if that is true. It is not just me he does this with. My husband even tries when he is here. He is not interested in food. Like maybe one day eat will eat a very little bit of baby food but the next day its like no way. And today he didn't want it so bad he gagged and spit up.He got his blood work done and it wasn't thighroid or acid reflex. He goes to monthly cardiology appointments and we just scheduled a lung doctor and his pediatrician for next week. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I think he might be getting dehydrated now and hes defiantly not getting enough food even though I know hes hungry. It is so frustrating and I feel so bad. Some one please help...


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Well, if you want you can try to start bfing him again. Build up your supply quickly by feeding him and pumping. If he needs to visit the hospital again, pump while he is there and offer that in the bottle. If it has only been 3 weeks since you last bfed him, you may be able to start right back up. Good luck!

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