Anyone thinking of a breast reduction? or has anyone had one already? How was it? Pros & cons?

Neisha - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have always had bigger breasts (DD), and with the birth of my first child my breasts enlarged to (DDD), and with the birth of mysecond....let's just say they got HUGE lol. They are becoming a hassle with my overall health (back issues), and finances (purchasing a bra that is supportive). My husband and I discussed this, he thinks that I am fine (he's been taught well lol), but they are really bugging me.

I want to have breast reduction surgery, but I am terrified. They say fear exists because of the I thought I would ask to get some helpful feedback (whether it is negative or positive experiences/info) THANKS!!


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Neisha - posted on 03/16/2010




Thank you all soo much for responding!! I am still a little nervous, and we found out that my husband is getting deployed next month - so the surgery will have to wait. I am still thinking about it, but hearing it from you all has helped ease my mind. Thanks again!!

April - posted on 03/01/2010




I myself have not had it done. In fact, I need the opposite. LOL I do know a few people that have had it done, very successfully. They would do it all over again. They had back & shoulder pain and documented it with the doc so that the insurance would cover the procedure. If you and your husband both agree, I think you will be very happy. You will need help with the children for a few days though. If you are afraid, make an appointment with a dr. for a consultation and ask questions. Make a list before so you don't forget to ask all your questions because you are nervous. Take hubby or a friend with you. Good Luck.

Krista - posted on 03/01/2010




I had one when I was 17, so it's very possible that the procedure has changed somewhat since then. Erin's description of the incision is pretty much spot-on. I went from a G cup to a C cup, and was in surgery for several hours. Afterwards, you're not allowed to lift your arms above your head for awhile. So make sure that your husband is prepared to take care of your kids and take care of the housework, 'cause this is MAJOR surgery.

Also, make a hair appointment for about 5 days after your surgery. You still won't be able to reach up, and will be desperate to have your hair washed by then. :)

After surgery, I had stitches and staples, and a tube coming out of the side of each breast. The tubes were taken out after 24 hours, the staples after 3 days, and the stitches after two weeks. Be careful. You don't want to rip a stitch.

Your new breasts will feel very firm at first. Enjoy the perkiness! :) After awhile they'll soften up and feel more natural. I still have plenty of sensation in my nipples and the tops of my breasts, but very little in the undersides.

It's not an easy surgery, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's wonderful to be rid of the back pain, the underboob rashes, and the inability to find clothing that fits. If you want more info, please PM me, and I'll answer any questions you have.

Erin - posted on 03/01/2010




i personnally have not had a reduction, but a friend of mine has, she went from something like an f cup down to a large c cup. she loved it, her Dr. told her she had to lose wieght before they could do the reduction so after it was done she looked fantastic, the scares didn't even bother her. there are differnt ways of doing it but with hers (and i'm sorry for being graffic) they cut around the nipple and left it attatched to perserve as much sensation as possible, then they cut down to the underside of the breast and out to each side which left her with a large scare that looks like an anchor. after removing the tissue they sewed her up, with the exception of around the nipple, that was taped in place, again to perserve sensation. it took her a long time to heal, i remember we were swimming nearly a year afterwards and she swam into the steps, hitting her nipple, the pain was so bad she said she thought her nipple fell off. in her case she became pregnant unexpectedly and they have grown considerably, not as big as they were but quite large. one good thing, she was able to lactate when the baby was born which isn't always possible and she was able to keep most if not all sensetion in her nipples. again, i apologize for being graffic, i don't mean to scare you, good luck in whatever you deside to do

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