Applied for ssi for my son . he is autistic and have seizures

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My son is 3 years old he has seizures and he is autistic and has a learning disability . back in 2012 I applied for ssi for his seizures but was denied was told that wasn't a disability . everyone kept telling me to appeal it but I never did . well I moved to a new state and decided to try again I just went to his ssi appointment 12-01-2014 it hasn't been that long but I'm just curious . do he have a chance of getting approved ? No daycares will take him because they say he needs special attention . I've tried in hone daycares as well they all say the same . if anyone can help answer any of these questions my mind would be at ease . thanks


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Sarah - posted on 01/05/2015




I posted this on your other thread:
Call your local public school and ask for the special needs coordinator. Now that your son is 3, he is aged out of Early Intervention, but should get help from the school system. SSI is a slow moving process, but keep careful records and you can get reimbursed for expenses sometimes. Do you have a Public Aid office nearby? If yes, go and ask for help there. Does your child qualify for Medicaid due to disability or financial status. It should take 45 days to process your application, up to 90 if a disability is being determined. When you fill out the application, don't leave anything blank and make copies of all of the documents you send.

Also, seizure disorders are not a covered disability unless they occur with a certain frequency. Make sure he actually is diagnosed at autistic and list that as his primary diagnosis.

Dove - posted on 12/20/2014




His doctors and a lawyer would be better qualified to answer your questions. A LOT of people get denied from SSI initially. It can be a very long process of appeals. No one can tell you w/ any certainty that he will or will not get approved. Some people that should get it... don't. And some people that don't get it... should. Good luck!

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