Appropriate age for daughter to wear a thong

Michelle - posted on 08/24/2014 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 12 year old daughter came home with 2 lace thongs. Her father and step mother bought them for her. I came across them by accident. She had them hidden. I say 12 is way too young. How would you handle it?


Raye - posted on 03/30/2016




If you're talking about thongs meaning flip-flop type shoes, then it's ok. If you're talking about underwear, then no.

First, consider your daughter’s health. Wearing thongs has been associated with recurrent urinary tract, vaginal, and bacterial infections. The tiny strip of fabric is like a little subway that carries bacteria from the hind region to the forefront. That’s not good. If you decide it is okay for your daughter to wear thongs, consider giving her advice to not wear them all the time.

Second, consider the male attention she may get if the thong peeks out of the top of her low-rise jeans (aka whale tail) or he notices the absence of panty lines. That may be the attention she seeks, but she's not ready at such a young age to appropriately deal with that attention.

If the father allows it, then you can just explain to her that you have different rules for your home, and if you find them they will be thrown away.


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Kendall 15yr - posted on 06/13/2017




Ok maybe not lace thongs. But I got one at 13 and I don't see why it's a problem. If you trust that your daughter is mature enough and didn't just want one to show off and tell people than I think it's fine. I'm only aloud to wear thongs when I'm just wearing leggings or other tight pants/dresses.

Dove - posted on 03/30/2016




This is a very old post... and when it first came out I would have had a different answer as I hate the entire concept of what I refer to as butt crack underwear. BUT... my girls are 14 and it's all they wear now 90+% of the time. It's just underwear and the only reason they wear it is because they find it comfortable. I think it's weird, but it's also better (IMO) than no underwear... which is what one of my girls was resorting to prior to the switch. lol

Gena - posted on 08/25/2014




12is waaay to young. I would take them away and also talk to her father and stepmother about it.

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