Are my kids selfish because they dont want to share their food?

Kelly - posted on 06/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have two kids, my daughter is 14 and my son is 6. My mom gets mad at them when they dont share their food with her and her boyfriend. Once my mom and her boyfriend took my kids out to eat, her boyfriend asked to have some of my daughters fries and ending up eating them all, he figured since he paid for them, he could eat them. My mom calls them selfish because they dont want to share their food. I dont think they are being selfish. Would appreciate any opinions on this. Thanks!


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Not sharing food off of one's plate er, (out of the box). Is not being selfish. If your mother is hungry, order! Don't eat off the child's plate. I, personally, have issues with someone elses hands on my food after I have dished up.

Calling the kids selfish is petty and self-centered!

No, this does not make the children selfish.

Why do some adults think they can do things like this to kids. Would they go to a buffet and eat off the neighboring tables plates?? Would they consider the people at the next table selfish? Except the children know them, what is the difference.

Denikka - posted on 06/18/2012




I don't think they're selfish. I could see maybe if they had been eating off of their grandma's/her bf's plate, then refusing to reciprocate. But sharing should be option. If someone asks, and they say no, that should be respected.
I know I personally HATE people reaching over and grabbing food off my plate. I don't even share with my kids (aged 3 and 1) most of the time.

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