Are my Preschool worries normal?

Shelby - posted on 10/05/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is two and half, and I have never left her with anyone (other than family) I have a part time job (family owned) and I am able to take her with me when I go. We don't have alot of other small children around us, so I felt like she wasn't getting the socialization that she needed, I decided to put her in a small preschool 2 days a week for 4.5 hours, I really thought she would LOVE it because she really likes to be around other kids and she loves to do little projects and play outside etc. The first day was so ROUGH, she freaked out when we left and when I got home it was all I could do to keep myself from going to get her, I called atleast 5 times through the day and by the time I went to pick her up she was laughing and playing outside with the other kids. She has only been going a month but every morning when she realizes she has to go to school that day, she starts crying and doesn't stop until we get to school. I always call as soon as I get to work, and she is always calmed down by then and playing. But it just kills me to leave my crying child there, everyone keeps telling me it will get better but I just really would have thought it would be by now. I researched the school she is going to and they have outstanding reviews and I have also talked with about 5 other moms who have taken their children there and they all say wonderful things about it also. I can't help but have concern when she crys everyday I take her, but she is always fine when I pick her up, in the back of my mind I just wonder if everything is ok there, is it normal for me to feel this way? And is it normal that she is still upset when I leave?

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Melissa - posted on 04/20/2012




Perfectly normal! She's having a ball when you pick her up and thats what counts PLUS she is getting to socialise and mix with other children and respond to other adults so it can only be positive. Have you talked to the preschool about it? Some children do take a long time to settle however I wonder if it's made more difficult for your daughter because she doesn't attend daily. I'm not suggesting the she goes every day but I think you mind find those children settle in quicker. I know some preschools have a minimum number of days attended (which is usually two) as it's harder for children to adapt.

Hang in there ... she will love it!

Medic - posted on 10/05/2010




If she is fine when you pick her up and fine when you call then she just does not want to leave her mommy. Once she sees the other kids that do not cry and gets to playing she is over it. I guess its normal there were a few kids in my son's prek class last year that I think cried every day.

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